Jan Arnold: How To Win 'Nail’d It'

The second episode of "Nail'd It" has further reinforced the formula for winning this competition: STYLE + IMAGINATION + TECHNIQUE = SUCCESS!! Literal interpretation almost NEVER wins.

I believe this is also true in the salon. Clients want a custom service that is unique to them and a fashionable statement that accents their style. So excited to see Thao take a path that was creative and unique… "eye candy" was a brilliant twist on a conventional "candy" theme that perfectly showcased her approach to art.

The other important learning this week is how proud these artists are of their chosen profession. Nails ARE a rich and rewarding profession that brings not only monetary rewards to the Pro but also personal satisfaction, creative development, business growth and allows them to pay it forward to others.

Nail Pros are changing how people feel one fabulous nail at a time!! So happy “Nail’d It” is telling the world what we have known for years!!

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