The Finalists Are All Winners!

Traveling the journey all the way into the finals has been an exhilarating ride for us all to witness! Here we have three VERY different artists. Their life stories, paths as pros, and challenges along the way to success define their art and secure their placement in the finals. First, there’s Lauren with her story so dark and tormented on one hand…and then a breakthrough to the light on the other. Every fiber of her being was represented so clearly on these nails. Even the music notes went from flat and painful to enlightened and sparkly. Her work showed a path of healing and self-realization like I’ve never seen before. Ashley has an artist’s soul with a clear perspective. Her low brow street style and colorful story telling makes everything she does modern and relevant. Ashley is clear about her path and her many blessings. Kandi is unapologetically whimsical and playful, but at the same time she has a serious sense of control and design. She has a rebelliously bold personality with a sweet inclination to follow her rainbow! These three amazing artists do us proud in the professional nail industry! They are ALL mega winners!!

Check out the nail art from the episode:

Tune into the Nail'd It finale Tuesday at 9/8c!

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