Q&A With Adrienne Bailon

By Oxygen

Adrienne Bailon is a busy lady! Not only is she an actress, singer, TV personality, and businesswoman (to name a few of her hats), she appears on tonight's episode of Celebrities Undercover AND was recently named as the host of Oxygen's newest competition series, Nail'd It!

We sat down with the star to find out why she wanted to go 'Undercover', why she loves nail art, and more!

Adrienne Bailon

What made you want to be on Celebrities Undercover? I am a big prankster-  I love pulling pranks on my friends. This might be the most elaborate prank I've ever pulled.

What did you learn from the experience? As a teenager I always wanted braces so badly. But after having them in my mouth for a couple of hours while filming 'Undercover' I'm glad I didn't have them! But I did get to keep them and use them for a costume!

What was it like to dress down so much? I really enjoyed it- maybe that's the actress in me. Taking on another character or playing the role of someone else has always been fun for me. Hearing people talk about me behind my back was pretty cool too. No one knew it was me!

Why were you drawn to nails and the nail industry? I’m naturally drawn to people that are expressive and use their hands to speak. It's so charismatic. As a kid I always looked up to women that were well groomed and put together, and I wanted to be one of them.

Adrienne's Nails

Talk about your nail business. What makes your polish different? Fingertip Fetish is a vegan polish which means it doesn't have formaldehyde- so it's a non-toxic formula. What makes it awesome is our first collection was names "Made in NYC" and the collection is based on the vibrant colors of NYC where I'm from. Most other vegan lines use more neutral colors- but this is a luxury vegan line that has very vibrant colors. 

What’s your personal nail style? I go to extremes. I'm either going to do a classic red or I'm going to have designs on every finger: nail charms, stones, spikes, glitter shimmer galore! But one thing is consistent- my nails are always long. I switch up the shape sometimes but most of the time I have them long and pointy.

Any celebrity icons with inspiring nails? Rihanna. I love that she keeps her nails long for the most part and isn't afraid to try new things. She's playful with them and a trendsetter. Long, pointy nails started in high fashion and I think Rihanna made them mainstream.

What should viewers look forward to the most on both your Celebrities Undercover appearance and the premiere of Nail’d It? Getting to know me better. Both shows are pretty funny but on Celebrities Undercover you see me in a completely different light and i hope it makes you laugh! And I hope Nail'd It will inspre the audience to try new things and see more of my passion for fashion and beauty.

Check out photos of Adrienne through the years! 

Catch Adrienne on Celebrities Undercover tonight at 10:30/9:30c and as the host of Nail'd It Coming this Fall!


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