Bradie's wedding was beautiful.

I am fully recovered from the bad review! It was really, really hard when it came out and it was hard on the staff and that upsets me. It was also really hard to watch it all over again, but I have a great support system and people that totally get the naughty so I am doing great!!! I am moving forward in a positive direction by moving on! It was a bad review. The reviewer didnt heart megot it! The Dallas housewives were interesting. That is not really the group of people that I would normally hang out with. They were fun though, and they really wanted to learn about naughty cooking. The thing that I learned from them was despite what they looked like, they were all intelligent business women that were juggling careers and families. It is just another example of dont judge a book by its cover because you really dont know whats there until you take the time to find out. It felt AMAZING to pull off such a successful dinner for Bradie James. I felt so honored that he wanted to do his rehearsal dinner at Central 214! He is such a wonderful man. Besides being beautiful, he is talented, kind, and generous!!! He and Star are amazing together and I felt honored to be any part of it! They are a very special couple! Bradies wedding was beautiful. The ceremony was intimate and beautifully decorated. His bride, Star, was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen! The reception was a big party! It was a lot of fun with dancing and a DJ! It was one of the best parties I have ever been to and it was an honor to be a guest! I was a little nervous for Eric to be in charge of the restaurant just because it was the first time I was leaving the restaurant on a Saturday night. It is like the first time a mom leaves her baby with a babysitter. It was the first time, but I have confidence in Eric. He wouldnt be my sous chef if he couldnt step up to the plate. Shane is a very good friend of mine that I have known for years. He always goes to all of Bradies functions with me because they know each other. Lets not start any dirty rumors! He is a great guy and a fun date!!! We had a great time at the wedding!!!

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