Give Me a Rib Eye Steak Any Day of the Week!

I don’t know about you all, but after last night’s episode of Naughty Kitchen, I was dying to sink my teeth into a juicy rib eye steak! Being a woman who usually gets what she wants -- I made the trek to my local butcher to pick up my specially ordered bone-in rib eye steak. Using Blythe’s super simple recipe, which calls for only 3 seasonings -- salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper (and a whole lot of butter) -- I knew that this would be a delish dinner. I obviously had to have a naughty side dish to go with my rib eye, and what could be more perfect than Blythe’s naughty creamed corn? I followed the recipes exactly and let me tell you – oh snap! What a flavorlicious good steak. Juicy, tender, and perfectly seasoned. I think I just died and went to naughty heaven. The three seasonings form an irresistible crust that gives you the perfect bite to the tender beef. The creamed corn is loaded with flavor and so creamy it almost melts in your mouth. The best part is -- the whole meal took me under 30 minutes. A naughty 30-minute meal? Watch out Rachael Ray! Team Naughty is movin’ in!
Now, lets get into the good stuff. How hot is Bradie James from the Dallas Cowboys? I think Blythe really nailed that rehearsal dinner. From the impromptu chilidogs for the guest who was “allergic to crab” (likely story) all the way to the roasted chicken and family style macaroni and cheese, ending with strawberry cheesecake and chocolate milkshakes. If that doesn’t start a marriage off on the right foot, then I don’t know what does. Blythe was friendly, personable, and remained calm from start to finish. So the next day, Blythe goes to Bradie’s wedding with Shane. She was so nervous getting ready! What do we think about Shane? It certainly looked like they had a magical evening. Is there a romantic past? Are they just friends? Call me Miss Cleo, but I have a feeling we might find out in the future… The most dramatic moment of the episode was caused by “door whore” Emily. She somehow totally messed up the reservation list and had all of Central 214 in a frenzy! The servers were running around like crazy and Sam was getting so many water orders he almost lost his marbles. Poor girl, she can’t help it! All those numbers get confusing and when you are busy having very important lint rolling parties with Curtis the Cutie -- who has time to count? Needless to say, Emily is treading on thin ice with Blythe and Megan. Pull it together Emily! That’s all for now, I have to get back to my own kitchen. I am working on some of my naughtiest concoctions yet. Check back next Wednesday for more dishes and plenty of dish on all the drama straight from the Naughty Kitchen!

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