I'm always proud of my staff.

It's not hard wearing all the hats at Central 214, but rather more of a challenge for me. It's part of being in the position that I have. You have to do what needs to be done to make the restaurant successful.Emily messed up the tables by not focusing on her job and not paying attention. Perhaps if she and Curtis weren't playing games at the host stand, she wouldn't have messed up!I'm always proud of my staff. They did great job while Blythe was at the wedding and rocked it out as they always do. The best part of working at Central 214 is the amazing family we have created with each other. I have servers that have been here for 3 years and at all times are dedicated to the success of the restaurant. You don't see that in this business very often and I think it's a true testament to our family atmosphere and genuine care for each other. I love my "kids".

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