It's going to be an extremely naughty season.

By permanenteditor
I am a host at Central 214, but Blythe and the other employees refer to me as a Door Whore. To combat this negativity, I came up with the title, Spatial Arrangement Coordinator. This title makes my position seem much more crucial to the inner-workings of the restaurant than it actually is. Basically, all I do is answer the phone and take people to their tableswhich inevitably leaves a lot of time for boredom and a little bit of time for naughty fun. Blythe and Megan have to deal with a lot of drama because of the nature of their position , but they are my partners in crime! In addition, I would also have to say my other partner in crime, Emily, gets into the most trouble this season. Shes actually an extremely laid back person with a chill attitude, but somehow drama always seems to find her.My favorite thing about my job at Central 214 is having drinks when its time for me to get off work. It is during these special moments that my BFF Amanda and I have the time to come up with our amazing drinking board game called, Bar Hopping. You will see us build and play this season. I also have my favorite workout activity, dogblading. Besides my ridiculous beauty routine, you will also see us planning and attending my Fresh and Fruity 25th Birthday Party. We will be interviewing sexy bartenders and working it. Its going to be an extremely naughty season.
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