Nobody cares about me being anybody's favorite.

I very seriously doubt that anyone is jealous of me because I'm Blythe's favorite. My fellow servers are only in it for the money and therefore could care less about anything that does not put money in their pockets (shame on you, you lowly heathens). As for the "hosts" they're too dumb to even know what favorite means, so no problem there. The bartenders... hmmm what can I say? Well I'll just say that if you thought the servers were not invested then that goes double for the bartenders. So, in short nobody cares about me being anybody's favorite. The best part of working at Central 214 is Kim, David, Roy, Megan, Dan, Kerri, Alberto, Glady, Patty P, Patti P, Terry, Sam, Robyn, Jessica, Emily, Dano, Kruger, Jimmy or Eric, Juan, Christina, Victor, Leo, Julia, and Coop (sorry if Ive left anyone out). I've developed great relationships with these selfish disinvested miscreants over the past three years and I'm a better person for it. I also get a really good discount when I stay in Kimpton Hotels.What's up Nashville? Yep still reppin da hood. Does anybody remember those EZ Rider Cards? MTA we're going your way. Man sometimes I really miss home. Tune in to The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck Tuesdays at 10/9 Central. I'll holla at yall next week.

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