Super White Tuna!!! It is fatty and delicious!!!!

By permanenteditor
I thought it was a little crazy that Emily sent that note. I am the Executive Chef at Central 214 and part of my job is to support the staff and protect them at work. I didnt really see the necessity of going to have a beer with her. I gave Emily many chances at work but I dont think us drinking together would be a good idea. I was so upset when she didnt seat my Mom correctly. My Mom is by far my biggest VIP and if the chefs mother cant get a seat in her restaurant that is a HUGE problem. I told her many times that night that it had to go smoothly. She didnt listen or pay attention and that is not right!!!! It is not really my habit to hang out with employees that have been let go due to poor performance. However, Emily is a good person. I think she has a lot of potential and can do anything she sets her mind to. I support Megan and her decision to fire Emily. She is the General Manager and sometimes she has to make difficult decisions. Firing people is never fun but you have to do it anyway. We wish Emily all the best and I hope she does very well.
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