Vegetarians and Vegans need love too.

By permanenteditor
When I started it was the food industry that picked me, I was minding my own business in Cincinnati, Ohio, doing what I do, when I called for a To-Go order at a restaurant. I was the queen of take out. I even burned macaroni and cheese once. Then when I walked in the restaurant the employee said I had a great voice. She said I was polite and then asked if I wanted a job, I was like Oh god no. Then she said, It could be beer money! Then I said, I could do that! So, I became a door whore, thats how I started out with my career. I fell in love with the restaurant business. While I was working, I always wondered what was going on in the back, where the kitchen is. So I told my parents I want to be in the restaurant business then they were like, What? You need to get a degree. Then I applied to all of these schools and I thought I was never going to come back to Texas, since Cincinnati was my childhood home. One day I went to University of North Texas just for a visit and there was this one guy who welcomed me had a blue Mohawk and tight jeans. Then I said to myself, Im home! I took my very first food class and it was Food Prep. I just fell in love with it and I was good at it. The first thing I made was a biscuit, I was like Done! and thats how I got started. Personally, when people visit my home I have never cooked for them, so I have the cleanest kitchen in America. My kitchen has never been used. Sometimes when I go back to Houston I cook for my family.When I start a new seasonal menu I use lots of Vodka therapy. It takes a long process, talking to other chefs, going to the farmers market, trying and eating samples. Thats what goes into a seasonal menu. When I go to the farmers market, I choose several food choices: tomatoes, peaches, and the watermelon because it screams Texas. Thats what Texas does best in the summer so thats what I like about having them on my menu. One of my favorite dishes has to be the fried green tomatoes with the Crawfish Remoulade. Its our big number one seller. It is my favorite dish because it is uniquely southern and it melts the naughty with the southern cooking. Vegetarians and Vegans need love too. They definitely challenge what I know is naughty, but it helps me to be more creative. They put me on my game even though you cant put bacon and butter on a dish it challenges me to be creative and imaginative. Anytime Im cooking for someone Im happy.I am ineligible for the Kimpton Moment prize, because I am an executive. There was one Kimpton Moment that I do remember. It was when there was a breakfast server who set up the whole line one morning because one of our cooks didnt show up. That was pretty impressive. Then I got there and cooked lunch. At Central 214 when I saw Sam and Curtis together I knew they were up to no good. The two of them scheming together is never good. When they are together they will probably end up in trouble. Before the show started a lot of people knew about Central 214, but now they are in Central 214. So thats why they hired me, the place was beautiful, but it needed some love, especially a face on it. So thats what they hired me to do, to become the face. So far so good. Its going pretty good.The hardest part of my job would be the juggling all of the personnel issues because every staff member has a story about their lives. So its trying to juggle all the personalities and issues that come with it. So thats definitely a challenge.
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