Amy BGC8


AmyThe Hot Mess from Chicago, ILThis former cheerleader loves to gossip and keep things fun. Amy has no problem seeking revenge on those she feels have wronged her from dumping trash on their beds to messing with their belongings. Although she said "yes" to a boyfriend who asked her to marry him, she packed up her bags and moved to Chicago for some freedom. For now, this fun loving prankster isn't looking for anything serious and is just looking for a good time. January 5, 2012I'm a Bad Girl because I love to have fun! Party, drink, dance and not have a care in the world. A Bad Girl does not care what others think but just does her own thing and lives it up!! When I found out I was going to be on Bad Girls Club, I was very happy!! Of course jumping up and down but also trying to figure out what to wear lol.What's your New Year's resolution? Cut back on swearing. It's not the best impression of me. LOL. @Amy_Cieslowski