Bonus Videos: Gibson and Haizlip Skate for Jesus!

By Oxygen

Bishop Ron Gibson is truly full of surprises. If you thought he was only good at preaching (and singing and playing the piano) wait until you see him in the rink! As it turns out, Gibson can rollerskate with 70s disco dancing swag, a skill he learned growing up in Compton. "The way I skate, that’s swag from the ghetto," he says ."My mom and dad didn’t have all the money to bother with fancy toys that other kids had during Christmas, so they bought us a pair of old school steel skates." Watch the bonus video to witness his awesome moves! And remember, Pastor Jay Haizlip is a skater too...of the board variety. Scroll down to watch him shred for Jesus with pro skater and church associate Christian Hosoi! 

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