Bonus Videos: These Are A Few of Preachers' Favorite Things....

Preachers have guilty pleasures, too. For Bishop Ron Gibson, it's a good, clean pair of shoes. Good footwear isn't just for dressing up for church. "I have a shoe fetish," he says. "...A nice pair of shoes is like a rose without water. A Ferrari without keys." Meanwhile, Bishop Noel Jones is madly in love with his Shih Tzu JJ, and there ain't no shame in his game. "I never thought I could have an affinity for an animal like I do for JJ, he says,. "JJ is the love of my life." Watch the bonus video of Gibson above, and scroll down hear how Jones wound up falling in love with JJ -- after buying him reluctantly for Loretta. Watch the bonus videos and tune into the next episode of Preachers of L.A. Wednesday at 10/9c!

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