Deitrick: "I'm Revealing a Family Secret on Season 2"

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Deitrick, Interview

After a controversial Season 1, Deitrick Haddon's journey culminated in a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous new daughter, Denver. This season, he's ready to reveal even more about himself, and to take on the haters with his head even higher. We talked to Deitrick about Season 2, the great "shacking" debate, and the difference between "preaching" and "policing." 

What made you want to come back for another season?

It was a no-brainer after I saw the results: the lives that have been touched, the effect it had. People have been challenged to be better. It helped people to see that preachers are not perfect people. There’s a need for the truth to be out there, and the need for good television. Just to have one hour of great, thought-provoking faith-based television is fantastic.

What should viewers look forward to the most on Season 2?

They should look forward to more transparency from all of the preachers. I have to commend everyone on the show for being very transparent this season. Last season was more of an introduction to who we are. Now, people have a sense of who we are, so we can go deeper. I commend them for revealing what most pastors would never reveal out of fear that people won’t respect them. But, we’re in the age of information. I believe people can still respect men that have some flaws. There’s no one on earth that is flawless...except Beyonce.

What new stuff will we learn about Deitrick?

I’m going to reveal a family secret, and it’s no longer going to be a secret to the world. You’ll have to wait and see that! You’re also going to see me juggle my career as a gospel star, a preacher and a father. My daughter Denver is here! We left off Season 1 dropping the big news on everybody. Now the baby is here!

How does it feel to be a father of two?

It’s been incredible. You’re talking to a guy who thought he would never have children. I was married for 15 years actually, in a previous marriage, and we never had children. But now that I’ve been blessed with two daughters, it’s a dream come true! I’m always thinking about my daughters, whether they’re watching me or not, what they’re thinking.

I also found that I’m very overprotective. They’re only 2 years old and 6 months old, and sometimes I think about their future and can’t even bear it. When I think about the young man who’s going to try to marry them, I feel sorry for that man. I’m not going to make it easy for him.

What did it feel like to be back at the Man Cave, arguing with Ron Gibson about shacking again?

We had two strong arguments. We are two people with strong convictions and we both expressed it. I got frustrated with Bishop Ron Gibson because there’s a way you can disagree without disrespect. So, I needed to go take a breather. The next level for the church at large is start respecting people views. What I see is a bunch of arrogant men who have to be right. What if I brought up the fact that he was on drugs or was gangbanging? Or to Pastor Jay that he was in the gutter smoking cocaine? That’s wrong, you don’t do that. That’s their past.  People forget where they come from.

It seems like your reputation is on the line a lot in Preachers.

I don’t feel like my reputation is on the line. I don’t entertain that anymore. However, anybody who says Deitrick is using the Bible to justify his sin is wrong and that’s a lie. When I was in sin, I knew I was in sin. Every day I prayed and asked god to help me through it. The sin of fornication is Bible, but the principle of shacking isn’t there. That would be denying the economic situation many people are living in. Some people don’t have jobs, and saying that people can’t live under the same roof shows a disconnect between reality and the ministry.

We’re not called to police the word of God. We’re here to preach the word of God.

What will you be doing on premiere night?

Loretta invited us over to JJs Bistro, so I’m contemplating going there with Bishop Jones. But, usually I like to be at home, chill, get my popcorn and just relax in bed and watch it like everyone else!    

Get a hint of Deitrick's Season 2 journey in the Sneak Peek below! 

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