Myesha Chaney Dishes on Wayne and Landing New Job

By Myesha Chaney

I know I am the official Preachers of LA crybaby but when I get passionate I get emotional. I have watched Wayne maxed out and have seen him work so hard to move the church forward. I just wanted him to understand that I can help carry the load in the ministry. I try to do so many things well but, honestly, I was feeling a bit inadequate and overwhelmed in my discussion with him. I did not know what he was going to say after meeting with the staff. It feels amazing to have gotten through those intense discussions and to embrace being in leadership with my husband. The church has always seen me in prominent roles as worship leader and as women’s ministry director so there continues to be so much support of my service in this new space. We really pastor a great group of people who want to see God’s will fulfilled in the Body of Christ. Yesssss! Granny, Wayne’s grandmother, has also celebrated and affirmed Wayne’s decision to allow me to serve as Executive Pastor. Another yessssss!

Taking on the role of Executive Pastor has been a whirlwind of an exciting journey. I am still finding my sweet spot. Sometimes I just sit and reflect on the fact that I didn’t really imagine I’d be here. It felt like we were on a road trip for hours and had just arrived at our destination. It is a bit surreal. I am enjoying the process and am so pumped about what is ahead for Wayne and the church. I really do need to finish my office lol.

Wayne and I are having fun keeping balance. It is a lot of work helping navigate such a large operation. Wayne being super FINE does help. I thought I was blessed to have an amazing husband but now I am even more blessed to have an amazing boss.  We are working our boundaries by enjoying dedicated time for each other as a couple, leaving the “wife” card at home, and keeping work at the office. With three small children, we have gone to another level of organized chaos on the home front. Early mornings and late evenings are commonplace for me now.

Although our church affirms women in ministry, I am burdened by the fact that barriers still exist for women in leadership. Women rock whether we are in the marketplace or in the church. I do believe that women have a place in leadership in the church. A Godly, confident, gifted woman who is submitted to God and her husband, is an invaluable resource in the kingdom of God. When Sis. Chapman asked pastor Wayne in the office meeting if there were any qualified men, I nearly fell out. If I were in the room with Wayne and the staff, I would have been crystal clear about my intentions and that ultimately we are here to serve God’s people and not our own opinions and fears.  Whether I am a man or woman is not of chief importance but whether or not God called me to function in this capacity. Boom!

It has been a great experience so far. The staff has been awesome and we are looking forward to so many great things to come.

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