Jay Haizlip: There Are Too Many People Like Justin

My experience with Justin brought up a lot of feelings for me and Christy. From my own history with addiction to what my oldest son has gone through, looking at Justin lying on the ground really drove home that what we were trying to do for him is what our ministry is all about.
There are way too many people like Justin in a lot of pain who are turning to drugs and alcohol or other things. The most important message I can share with anyone is that you don’t have to live in this kind of bondage. Jesus can free you from all of that.
I am sure Justin is on the minds of a lot of viewers now. Maybe they have been in his shoes or know someone who has. Maybe they were the one who just walked by without stopping to help. It’s easy to keep going, thinking you can’t save everyone; but, most often, God is just asking us to start with the one He puts in front of us and trust Him to take it from there.
Justin has a long road ahead of him if God spares his life. He needs to understand that his addiction is only a symptom of a deeper pain that can only be healed by the love of Jesus. Justin can get better and have a transformed life, but he has to be willing to let go of all the stuff from his past that keeps hurting him.
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