Preacher Debate: Elopement, or Big Family Wedding? (VOTE)

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On last night's episode of Preachers of L.A., Minister Deitrick Haddon and Lady Dominique Haddon made it official. Only, they didn't exactly go the traditional route. About a month before their actual wedding date, they got legally married in a tiny, secret ceremony. Deitrick admits they've done a lot of things out of order: he divorced his first wife, then he and Dominique had a baby out of wedlock, then he bought an enormous house for the family to live in -- all before they got married. Why not just get it out of the way, without the pressures of friends and family? Well, not everyone agrees. Deitrick's own brother David can't believe he's not waiting for the big family wedding. What do you think? Read both sides of the argument, then vote on this week's Preacher Debate! 

Deitrick: "We did things out of order. He blessed us with a house before we get married. He blessed us with a child before we got married. I think he's giving us clear evidence that he wants us to tie the knot. We should do it right now. We're not worried about nobody. This is between me and [Dominique], period."

Deitrick's brother David: "Would daddy approve of that? Why don't you push up the date or something? You're a preacher. You're a pastor. You've gotta hold up a standard." 


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