Preacher Debate: The Mancave Money Issue (VOTE!)

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Viewers have been weighing in on the most heated argument on Preachers of L.A so far.  At the end of the premiere, the preachers -- but namely Minister Deitrick Haddon and Bishop Clarence McClendon -- discussed a controversial issue surrounding honorariums, or the money that pastors charge for their services to other churches. We broke down Haddon and McClendon's arguments below. Vote in the poll and tell us what you think is the righteous path!

Haddon: "People have a problem with the honorariums we're charging. Churches across the country can't afford the honorariums we're asking for." 

McClendon: "Jesus says: Freely you have received, freely give.  I don’t request an honorarium. I ask them what it is that [they] have set aside for the man of God or for the ministry. I don’t come alone, because of how God uses us in miracles and  healings. I have to have people with me. I travel with for or five people....[If a church wants me to travel alone] then they don't want me. If you want my ministry, you need what I bring." 

Haddon: "That's saying your anointing don't flow unless you have your team with can make adjustments to accommodate smaller churches that want to experience your ministry. If the anointing is on you, you do not need an entourage." 

McClendon: "Jesus had his disciples....If someone comes and asks me 'come speak at my Mens Fellowship,' I may not be the guy just because you’re asking me. Whatever I have is for people when jesus directs me to go."

What do you think?


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