Preachers in Love: The Haddons

By Oxygen

We watched the love story of Deitrick and Dominique Haddon unfold during the first season of Preachers of L.A., which culminated in their wedding. Since then, there’s been a gorgeous new addition to their family, another baby girl (Denver). We caught up with Deitrick and asked him about his family life. 
“We do everything together,” he said. “If I’m preaching, she’s with me. If I’m working on the show, she’ll hang out with me and bring the kids. It’s a joy for me to have them around. That’s my crew. I love rolling with my crew.”
This isn’t to say it’s all wine and roses for this Preachers family all the time. “I’m kind of old school and Dominique is kind of new school, so it has been a small challenge merging the two,” explains Deitrick. “What I’ve learned is to agree with her quickly. Empower her. Then, let her circle back and say: Deitrick, you were right” (laughs). 
Men, take note of that trick. Because whatever the Haddons are doing, it seems to be working very well! 


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