Q&A with Deitrick Haddon: "I'm a Father of Two!"


It has been a seriously busy week for Deitrick Haddon. Not only did he attend the Grammys last night for his third gospel nomination, not only did Preachers of L.A. get the greenlight for another season...but he also welcomed his second child, Denver, into the world! The man hasn't slept, but he still took the time to talk to Oxygen.com all about his new family (yes, they're taking a break after this...), about his night with the stars (apparently Birdman watches the Preachers!), and about the exciting second season of Preachers of L.A. Scroll down for the full Q&A.

Tell us all about the birth, and what it was like to meet Denver for the first time. 

It was amazing. I was the first person that she saw when she first came out of the dock. I was with her the whole way! Dominique had a C-section, and she was strong til the last day. She can HAVE babies! It happened really fast, and when Denver came out…she came out screaming! I knew that’s my girl because she’s got those strong lungs! She was hollering!

She’s a beautiful healthy baby, born 8 pounds 4 ounces, really huge! It was just amazing. It really set in that I have children! I’m a father of two, and the family is growing fast. It’s amazing how babies just bring so much joy and so much peace  and we can see it clearly now. It’s clear that Dominique and I were made for each other, and made to create these children.

What sort of aspirations do you have for Denver, and Destin for that matter? What kind of young ladies are you hoping to raise?

We want them to be intelligent, sharp. Destin is already super smart. I’m going to mold them into being businesswomen early. We’re setting up a couple of businesses for them so they can nurture and build them on their own. When they get of age, they can run with it. It’s about building a legacy for them, teaching them to be entrepreneurs, not allowing some good looking guys to come in and take over. We have an opportunity to shape the direction of some children’s lives and it's exciting.  

How is Destin adjusting?

Destin is having a hard time adjusting because she’s been spoiled. She’s been the only one for a year and a half, and Denver is the little baby coming in on her territory. She’s trying to process it. Dominique is doing a fantastic job, she’s bringing Destin in to help her, she holds her. She’s understanding that Denver is a part of the family and not one of her dolls that she can toss around. Destin is rough! So you have to make sure she’s handling the baby with care. If we give it maybe a month, she will be well-adjusted to the new routine.

You are totally outnumbered by girls! How do you feel about that?  

I need a son! I need a gentleman to balance this thing out. I’m hoping for a son. We’re gonna take a break, maybe four or five years, and if I don’t get a son next time I’m gonna stop! Too many girls! 

How are you doing post Grammys?  

It’s cool! It’s an honor just to be named among the elite in the genre. So many great gospel artists were there, a nomination means you’re the cream of the crop. I know somebody had to lose and somebody had to come away with the win. I’m a 3-time nominee now, hopefully we’ll get it before my time is up. I was dressed to impress and looking good, rocking Hugo Boss all the way down. It would have been greater to have won, but it’s not always your turn to win.

We have some great projects coming up next year. The LXW project is amazing. We brought together 150 voices here in L.A. and we’re putting out an awesome record in April. It’s Grammy worthy already, even if you don’t know it! 

Any highlights about your night at the Grammys?   

It was an amazing night, and everyone was an inspiration to me. I ran into everybody! I ran into Birdman from Cash Money Records and he said, “I know you from that show! You’re the preacher! Hey, preacher man!” It’s cool to know he watches Preachers of L.A. Everybody watches it! It’s good to see how Preachers is getting into the culture! People you didn’t expect are watching. So, I wasn’t just popular because of my music during the Grammys, I was popular because of the TV show.

Speaking of which, are you excited for the announcement of Season 2?   

Turn up! That’s all I gotta say. The question is: can people handle the truth? Because the next thing for Season 2 is, we’re going to be even more transparent and truthful about the flipside of the ministry. Is the audience ready for truth?  A lot of people can’t handle the truth, but I think they’re ready for another level of transparency.

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