Aly on episode 2: Basic Instinct

I'm not at RUSH to chase celebs. I'm there to learn and work. I just try to always remind myself that my bosses are right there and when they’re not, they are definitely watching. The last thing I want to do is get in trouble for is being unprofessional at the office.

It's pretty cool that while working at RUSH pretty much anyone can walk through the door. Being that I have been in this line of work way before interning at RUSH, I'm not really starstruck by many people. Now if Pharrell came to the office, I'd be a different story ;)

I absolutely loved working on the trunk show with Christina. My background is in fashion and the majority of my experience is in sales, doing presentations and tradeshows. You can imagine how excited I was to lend her an eager hand and get back to being in my element.


I thought I did a great job on the Simmons Jewelry trunk show! I really stepped up to be her right hand (wo)man. It was a great feeling to be able to really take control of the task and show my boss what I'm made of!!


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