Aly on episode 3: Party Pooper

I was super excited when I found out that we were going to Russell's 4th of July party. Sagen and I were hoping that we'd be able to go...but based on our track record of invites...we didn't hold our breath. So you can imagine how excited we were when we found out we were going. Does this mean we're actually doing something right? ;)

Sagen's background is in event planning so it's no surprise that she took control of the meeting with Elise. And as we all saw, Elise needed the help. Maybe at times she seemed a little overpowering but it all came from a good place. She just wanted the event the go off without a hitch and help Elise meet her goal for the kids in Togo and Ghana.

Sagen and I were working so hard so make sure that everything was perfect for the party and that Elise was getting all the help that she needed. Since we were under such tight time constraints, the stress was definitely getting to us and unfortunately we took a little of it out on Elise. It was all a misunderstanding. We apologized to her, explained our frustrations and Elise forgave us for the slip-up.

Lol, playing model for the evening was interesting. As extroverted as I am, I do have a shy side. I'm more of a behind-the-scenes kinda girl, so imagine how I felt being thrown in the spotlight! Awkwardddd. But I had to put my reservations aside and just "man up." The cause is so much bigger than me and if I can be a small part in helping the children of Elise's charity, well then dress me up in a clown costume.

As for eating meat at Russell’s house, not gonna lie, I felt a little bad *ss, as terrified as I was of getting caught. But Simone and Christina did tell Sagen and me to make Russell's guests feel comfortable and accommodate them anyway we could. My job at RUSH is to be a servant, so I served...I couldn't just let Amber starve. ;)

Getting bids at the party was a little tough at first, so I had to turn on the "Aly", which means talking the talk and putting on the charm. Given the setting, it was a little difficult capturing people's attention but once they heard the amazing work that would come out of their generosity and the many lives that would be affected, it was hard to say no. Some guests didn't even want the jewelry; they just wanted to help the kids of Models Care. Nothing's better than that!


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