Aly on episode 5: You Only Live Once

When Simone invited us to take a pole dancing class with her and Aubrey O'Day, Sagen and I were completely shocked! Especially since we've been getting in trouble for our conduct at you’re asking us to pole dance?! Crazy! But I figured, what the hell! There must be a reason why Simone asked us to join them…how could I turn that down??

Not going to lie, it looked like a lot of fun, but I was there to help Piper with work for GlobalGrind. And I really wanted Simone and Christina to see that I was taking this internship seriously...was this a test?? But when I realized it was all in good fun, I figured why the hell not??

I was a fan of Danity Kane…Aubrey was really sweet and friendly. I hear she has her own show premiering soon...I'll definitely be watching!

My overall impression of pole dancing was a newfound respect for strippers. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks! Also, it’s an amazing workout…I mean did you see the instructor’s abs?? I may have to start taking classes myself now. ;)

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