Aly on episode 6: Art for Life

Christina's idea of using actual RushCard holders and not actors for the commercial was a great idea! What better way to connect with your audience? It was cool helping her put the pieces together, but I knew it was going to be a challenge finding the right candidates.

At first, it was so disheartening! I mean, where are the RushCard holders?! But no worries, we kept pushing! We know they're out there.

Divide and conquer people! As Christina said, our assignment was due yesterday so I figured by us separating we'd have a better chance of increasing our productivity. Because we clearly saw that together we weren't getting that far. And worked! TEAM INTERNS!

We LOVED everyone that we found for the RushCard commercial. Actually Sagen and Donald are bff! Who knew?! From the diva to Denzel, they were all awesome and great sports. I felt bad that they were just waiting around and we did try our best to make sure they were comfortable, but I'm just an intern! I don't make the rules; I just live by em.

Art for Life was amazing! So glad I got to experience that. I wish I could have found Ming! Christina and I should have coordinated better. But I was by my bosses' side for much of the evening taking care of them so I think it all breaks even.

I'm so happy for Sagen! It just makes sense her being chosen. Aly's alley is full of fashion. I hope she does really well there and grows into the event/pr beast I know she'll be!! She's an asset to their team, so go Sage!


Who has been your fav celeb appearance on the show? Check out the photos here.

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