Christina on episode 2: Basic Instinct

I was in complete shock and didn't believe it when Russell told us about Sagen flashing T.I. Russell was so descriptive in telling us what had just happened that we knew we had to address the situation immediately.

Our office isn't the only place Russell holds meetings. He is always on the move and is always conducting business no matter where the location, whether it’s at his house in the Hamptons, his penthouse apartment in NYC, the cafe at Jivamukti, during Christmas vacation in St. Barths, in his car squeezing a meeting or two in while he is in transit to his next meeting. Russell is in business mode 24-7, so his office is mobile.

I thought the Kay Jeweler event was a success. Everyone from Russell, Sterling, Simmons Jewelry Co. and Kay’s was happy. The event also gave Russell an opportunity to meet and interact with his Simmons Jewelry customer and get feedback on his product, which is key.

I felt that at the Kay event, Aly finally stepped it up and proved that she was capable to help with an important event and get the job done.

I think that Simone and I partnering up with the interns was something that had to be done because it really was not working for us when they were paired together. I felt that we had to give them one more opportunity to prove themselves.

Check out photos from the argyle carpet here.
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