Piper on episode 3: Party Pooper

I was super excited to spend a weekend with Amber Rose, I mean Amber is super sexy, so I was a little nervous to be in her presence because I think I have a girl crush on her! She doesn't know that we are currently in a relationship, but she's my wife!

When the interns snuck the meat into Russell's I was so damn happy! I mean I was literally starving. I respect and fully understand the practices of Russell and Simone being vegans! More power to them—but I be DAMNED! I was sooo hungry that I was happy as hell to see that food!! I ran away from the scene though. Now listen, I love Aly and Sagan, but they are interns—how would I explain to my vegan boss that I am eating MEAT in his home via the help—the help that we are currently auditioning out to see if they cut it? NO THANKS!

I thought to myself when Amber initially refused to go to the party, "This girl gonna make me go ape-sh*t on her *ss!" She was supposed to be in the car an hour ago! I love Russell, I really do—but he scares me sometimes. I don't like making him upset, and never do I want him to be disappointed with me. So I said, if I gotta wrap this girl in a comforter and belt it, SO BE IT!! Plus, I just bought some really expensive shoes—and needed to pay down my AMEX—so getting fired wasn't an option.

OH Reggie! He really helped me realize my own dedication to the job, because if I didn't care, my ass would've said "no problem" the first time and just told Russell I couldn't get three! Instead, that fear of disappointing Russell set in again and pride went out the window!

In the end, I think I did an excellent job for the 4th of July party! I’m so proud of myself!! Sexy ME—Russell owes me a hair appointment though for that pool thing!!!

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