Sagen on episode 2: Basic Instinct

I was excited T.I was coming into the office. He’s a great artist and great performer, so it’s cool to have the opportunity to meet people like that. Aly and I decided to dress cute--clearly I’m a little bolder than she is. However, it was honestly all very harmless. Let’s be real here, T.I. was coming to meet with Russell, not the interns. We got that.

The whole “flashing” scene was embarrassing and an accident! If I had known that from where I was sitting that you could see up my dress, I wouldn’t have sat there! Plus I had on bright red underwear that ended up getting blurred out completely. Why would I wear a dress like that without anything on underneath? Crazyness! But overall, I guess take it as a lesson learned?

The kiss on the cheek I gave Russell in the Hamptons was again, completely innocent. I naturally went in to greet him without thinking! I could see Simone and Christina’s point as to why it was unprofessional, but nevertheless not something that I needed to be pulled aside about. It makes it seem like a huge deal. But I definitely know now to never do that again!

I was so thrilled to be alongside Simone at her protest. I know it was something that meant a lot to her and really represented who she was. I share many of the same beliefs and concerns as Simone about animal cruelty, so it was awesome to finally have someone (a pro) show me the ropes on becoming active about those same concerns and beliefs. I think my performance wasn’t too shabby for my first demo! I mean, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

I thought the PETA event as a whole was very inspiring. The majority of PETA supporters are very passionate and devoted to the cause, both day in and day out. So it was really cool to be a part of that and see people actively stand up for what they believe in. Simone was super brave (especially with putting her own health at risk) in order to promote a message that people may or may not have even cared about. But the point is to try, and like Ashley Byrne said, that for every person we turned veg that day, 100 animals lives were saved. Which you can't help but agree is truly incredible! It’s so so so important to be as green & eco-friendly as possible in today's world! It's amazing the small things you can change in your daily life that end up having a huge impact on the world.


See more photos of T.I. in this episode, here.
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