Sagen on episode 6: Art for Life

Finding people for the RushCard commercial was definitely a lot harder than Aly and I had anticipated! But we took it straight to the streets so we could get some solid candidates for the testimonials.

Piper is the bomb. She made a fun job even MORE fun, so I knew being on the red carpet with her was going to be a good time. We successfully wrangled in all our top celebrity guests for interviews, and killed it! Art for Life is such a great event on so many levels. You get to see everyone really come together as team players.

Aly seemed a tad upset at first, but the fact is, she was just designated different assignments (which all still pertained to making Art for Life a fab event). So in the end, I don’t think it mattered. Plus, she eventually caved and let me use her as a model!

I was so happy to be brought on board to the Rush family. The whole team was so fabulous to work alongside and so insightful. I was able to use my experience to an advantage while taking in all I could from the rest of the team. There are so many different puzzle pieces that make up the Simmons Empire, which Aly and I were fortunate to be a part of for several weeks. So now I'll continue on this learning path and progress mentally, socially, and professionally.


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