Simone on episode 3: Party Pooper

I was horrified when Elise said the interns were giving her an attitude! We are an extension of Russell so, regardless of our own feelings, we MUST always act professionally and with kindness. If that were to happen again, it would be immediate termination.

I thought the interns’ reactions were a bit on the defensive side when Christina and I spoke with them about their attitude issue with Elise. I understand defending yourself or disagreeing and wanting to have your voice be heard...that’s ok by me but in the end @unclerush’s office, we get the last word.

We worked out the sleeping situation for all of Russell’s overnight guests by finding space wherever we could and as far as I know nobody had to sleep in the crib that wasn’t under the age of two!

I felt that the interns worked hard at the July 4th event...apparently there was some behind the scenes drama I didn’t know about until I saw the show, but in the end Elise’s charity made money so that’s all that matters. I was very pleased with our July 4th event…Russell NEVER throws a party just to I appreciated that we were able to party and make money for’s the Team Russell way! Plus, I got to rock my little sequin them!


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