Simone on episode 4: Fashion Faux Pas

First of all I have to say, I LOVE Courtney Love. I have been an uberfan of hers since the 90s. Her MTV unplugged as far as I'm concerned is second to none. Hole's record LIVE THROUGH THIS is brilliant. Plus, she's a survivor, which I also admire. She lost her husband to suicide! I mean, come on what is worse than that?

I was a bit nervous when she showed up so early for Russell’s meeting but pretty psyched to hang out with her. Since meeting her that day, we have forged a friendship. I care about her and find her utterly fascinating. Oh and she also has the most impeccable taste in fashion and interior design. Courtney knows her labels! She started the kinderwhore look that I rocked hard back in the day. I love her. I get her. She rocks.

When I got the preliminary results of my tongue biopsy, I felt shocked and confused. Typically, a result such as mine comes from smoking or excessive alcohol abuse. I've never smoked a day in my life and got drunk only once. My addictions are "other things." Lol. So, of course it was scary news and very unsettling to be on the receiving end of it.

I felt conflicted about telling Russell the results of my biopsy because my job is to make his life easier…to remove as much stress from it as I can. I knew this news was stressful. Also, I'm a very private person, so it was uncomfortable for me. Even watching the scene makes me squirm a bit...but we are a family and during trying times, family sticks together.

I felt totally silly when Russell sent me grocery shopping with Chef Jason because I'm weird about food. The food I like, I love. Food I haven't tried yet I simply have no desire to try. Weird, yeah, I know. And cooking...oh there's nothing on Earth I'm less suited for. I always said I'm not really the wife type…I need a wife. Haha.

Like Carrie Bradshaw "I use my oven for storage" and that's no lie, so the experience of cooking with Chef Jason at Russell's house was a trip. Cooking can be some people's meditation. For me, it’s stressful. I'm just not comfortable around sharp objects and fire.

The Argyleculture fashion show was amazing! The clothes, the backdrop, the music—perfection. Too bad the interns missed it. Their loss.

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