Simone on episode 6: Art for Life

Helping one of Russell's dates dress for an event may not seem like something a typical assistant does but we aren't typical assistants. Our job is to always make sure Russell looks his best and the woman on his arm must also look her best. If we can help them do so, it’s our pleasure.

In this economy raising a million dollars is tough, but Russell doesn't know the meaning of the word "no" or "impossible" so even though we had our doubts, we just dug in our heels and went for it. When you know you are doing something that can change a child's life, that is an excellent incentive to work even harder to get the money. Children need art programs so much…especially for their self-esteem. Art can never be "wrong"...a child can always create something and feel proud about it. That's what I love about what we do at Rush Philanthropic.


Having celebrities attend an event is very important. We have had some pretty serious celebrities show up at Russell's house for Art for Life, like rock/hip-hop royalty. We need to keep that going...thankfully, Russell knows everyone so he has quite the Rolodex to call from!

The Art for Life party was a hit! We raised the money and everyone had a great time! It was a night to remember!


It was a gut wrenching decision…we love Aly and would be glad to have her work with us again. Sagen just seemed to have more of an event planning background and no, it didn't factor in that she's a vegetarian but truth be told, I'm extremely happy that she is! We all still keep in touch with Aly…I'm sure we will be friends for life!


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