Bia Blogs: I Used to Be Like My Sister

By Bia

In Episode 4 of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, things get pretty personal for me. I flew back to boston to see my little sister and set her straight on the right path, because she had been getting into trouble at  school.

I feel this episode can relate to so many young girls dealing with drama. When I was 14, I remember not hanging around with the right people. I had to have many wrong friends before I knew which ones were the right ones. With the wrong friends, it always seems like they hurt you more than they help you. They hurt you by getting you into trouble, causing fights, or just being an overall bad influence.

I try to show my sister that you are the company you keep, and you only have drama in your life if you welcome it. When I was Trini's age, I had no idea this kind of happiness or life was possible. I try to show her I'm living proof! You can be better than your circumstances.

We didn't grow up poor, but we definitely had our share of struggle. Trini and I grew up in the projects and most of the people we grew up with are still there. When you come from a small city like ours, everyone knows each other, so it gets hard to mind your own business. I try to show Trini that nobody's business is better than her own! Also, you can't be concerned with drama if you're trying to be great and get money. Bad friends and drama will just stand in your way of greatness! 

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