Diamond Recaps Episode 2: "I Have a Brand to Protect"

I just want to say: I absolutely love being a part of this show. It is a blessing. Honestly, I would watch Sisterhood of Hip Hop even if I wasn’t on it! You can just feel the realness, and all of our true characters shine through. Of course, everyone has their guard up, because that’s what real life is like. For me, I have a brand to protect. Yet, I’m also able to learn from the other women, and they can learn from me.

When Siya introduced me to Nyemiah Supreme, I was a little thrown off when Nyemiah claimed she didn’t realize I was in Crime Mob. There’s only one Diamond! I know who came before me, I know who’s out right now. That’s why I was like: come on now baby, you know who I am. I was very inviting with her, but I do let people show their hand first before I let them in, and that interaction didn’t sit right with me.

Regarding the dinner, I would have been 30 minutes late. I would have met with Nyemiah, but I’m friends with Brianna Perry. With her, I can let my guard down. Why would I break my neck to rush somewhere else, in a completely new city? That’s the type of attitude I have.

Being in New York is completely different from being in Atlanta. I felt alone, but I felt great. I was living, eating and breathing work. Whether I was meeting with labels, rehearsing, or shooting with the girls -- I work great under pressure, and I always come out punching. Failure has never been an option for me.

I like Brianna Perry. We have some history: my label and her label are friends. She is a very good judge of character. She’s patient, she’s calm, and I commend her on attending college. At some point, I found it too difficult to balance high school and studio work, so I resorted to homeschooling. I find it amazing that Brianna Perry is able to accomplish as much as she has, and even though she’s younger than me, I would take advice from her any day.

On another note, I was recently approached by a woman in Atlanta who saw the show and told me “I just want to say thank you. You come from a good family and Atlanta has got your back!” That made me feel so good. I just want to spread a message that you shouldn’t give your life to anybody: not a friend, not a boyfriend. Stay in school. Be who you are. Love the skin you’re in. Sexy is confidence. That’s all it is. I’m not perfect, but at the same time I love hard and I’m down for my people. Don’t be like me, be better.

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