From the 'Sisterhood of Hip Hop' Set: Inside Episode 1

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

It’s finally here! After months of waiting, we’re just hours away from the premiere episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop. Five talented women share one dream to the make it to the top. As the show’s Social Media Correspondent (and resident music journalist), I was on set every day as Diamond, Bia, Nyemiah Supreme, Brianna Perry and Siya took on the world of hip hop, with a little help from some famous names along the way. As I snapped flicks on my iPhone, I saw up close, the journey shared by this group of talented young ladies.

Each week, I’ll share behind-the-scenes happenings and dish from the set with you fabulous Oxygen fans.  You know, the real stuff that you won’t necessarily see on TV. Drumroll please…Let’s get right into Episode 1.

In the premiere episode, we meet our five talented ladies: Diamond, Bia, Nyemiah Supreme, Brianna Perry and Siya. Here’s a little about each.

Diamond: You know the name but do you really know Diamond? Ever since she was a teenager, Diamond (or as I call her, Brittany Diamond Carpentero) has made headlines with her group Crime Mob (“Knuck If You Buck” still goes hard, let’s be honest) and later, very public relationships with rappers Scrappy and Soulja Boy. If you need any indication on what life with Scrappy is like, watch five seconds of that other show on that other network and you’ll see. Like her mentor Lil Jon says, Diamond needs to date a regular dude from the post office. That probably won’t happen, given this glamazon’s tastes, but hopefully the Georgia peach can find love and career success in the Big Apple.

Siya: The toughest sweetheart you’ll ever meet. Siya is confident in who she is and declares, “I am the first openly-gay female emcee in this industry.” You go girl. We love her self-assured swag. It’s not easy to break as a female rapper and it’s definitely not easy being openly gay. Siya is shattering stereotypes on a daily. She’s an incredibly strong woman and I most love the private moments caught on tape with her girlfriend Renaye. Not a lot of people would let the cameras into the bedroom, but Siya does just that.

Brianna Perry: Brianna Perry proves that nerds are cool (and as a nerd, I’m with it). Throughout the season, the honors student balances our crazy shoot schedule—often weeks on end in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami—with a rigorous course load at the University of Miami. Bri, as her family and friends call her, told me that she’s always wanted to attend the university and won’t let anything stand in her way of graduating. Bri is managed by her mother (a.k.a. mom-ager) Kiki, so it’s no wonder that she has a good head on her shoulders. Let me tell you something… Kiki don’t play. She came up in the industry, alongside family friends like Rick Ross, and is tough-as-nails. Like mother, like daughter.

Nyemiah Supreme: Love or money? Nyemiah Supreme doesn’t think she can have it all…or can she? The New York native is a trained dancer and has dudes lining up on Jamaica Avenue, I’m sure. But she’s super-focused on making it as a rapper.  “I’m very career-driven. I don’t have time for boyfriends. I’m trying to make money,” she says. Could there be love in the air for this reserved rapper this season? I have a few ideas for celebrity blind dates. Hmmm….

Bia: The first lady of Pharrell is Bia. The Boston beauty inked a deal with the white-hot producer and has been taking off ever since. Despite having the “Happy” hitmaker on speed dial (and an awesome wardrobe that I want to steal), everything isn’t wavy gravy for Bia. Pharrell has a big shoes hat to fill and Bia knows that she has to prove herself to her mentor and the music industry at large. Issues back home, especially with her lil sis, have Bia stressed.  “If I hadn’t met Pharrell, my life would have been a hard road,” she says. Can she leave that road behind her?

Want more? Watch a premiere Sneak Peek below! 

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