Siya Recaps Episode 1: "I'm So In Love"

By Siya

Watching the first episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop made me realize: this is real! We filmed an amazing show filled with all the raw emotion that we deal with every day in our careers and personal lives. I’m so excited to be a part of it.

In Episode 1, I’m so in love, and you get to see my story from Bed Stuy and back. Renaye was a little culture shocked from it all. She’s from Chino Hills, California, which is a very nice place. Her family raised her to be on the straight-and-narrow. On top of that, it was her first time in New York, let alone Brooklyn, let alone Bed Stuy, let alone the projects!    

But, I had to move to New York, because I needed to bring it back to my roots. It’s always better to conquer where you come from first, and then expand out. It was great to visit the projects, because I got to show everyone: you can do it and still come back. You can go out and accomplish your dreams, and still be proud of where you came from. I’m not ashamed.  

When we moved to New York, it was important to balance my career and my relationship with Renaye -- not to choose one or the other.  Both things matter to me. Renaye is the support system I need, and as long as she’s supporting me, I can go out, bring home the bacon for her, and serve it on a nice hot plate.

That’s why it was so upsetting to me when she got jealous at the rap battle. I knew Nyemiah before -- I had done some shows with her in the past. All the women on the show are talented, beautiful and strong – and so is Renaye! It blew my mind that she got so insecure. But hey, she loves me. To see me interact with other women bothers her sometimes. I get possessive once in a while too. (But, I’m not gonna lie…when I watched it, I thought: “really? really? You want to go back to California because of that?”)

On another note, a lot of people are asking me about my sexuality and whether it helps or hurts my career. Many people in my life are on the edge of their seats, asking: is this going to work? Can a gay female MC really pop? At the end of the day though, it’s not about my sexuality. It’s about my lyrics. It’s about my music, and whether or not I can back up the sh** I talk. And I can. And I will. Everything I rap about is truly me and genuinely me, and I’m not afraid to rap about it. Even though my manager Tank is on the West Coast and things haven’t been moving fast as I’d like them to, at the end of the day, patience and perseverance will guide me through. 

Check out Siya's 'Sisterhood' style below!

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