Watch The World Premiere Of Bia's Music Video "All Around The World"

Watch Bia's hot new video!

On tonight's episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, we saw a glimpse of Bia spitting fire while filming her new music video "All Around the World." Well now is the moment you've all been waiting for--the world premiere!

Bia told us exclusively about what inspired her to write the song and make the video. "When I recorded AATW [All Around the World] with Pharrell, it was such a fun, vibrant time for me so I tried to let that shine through the music. Inspiration for the video came mostly from traveling and soaking up different cultures and fashion, so I wanted this video to have a fresh editorial fashion feel with a raw edge."

Check out Bia's hot new looks in her video below:

Tune in to the Season Finale of Sisterhood of Hip Hop Tuesday, July 28 at 9/8c!

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