5 Bizarre Ways Murders Have Been Committed

These bizarre murders with boobs, stilettos and tiny spoons will leave you unsure whether to laugh or cry.

By Kat George

Not every murder is as straightforward as point and shoot. There are plenty of bizarre murder techniques that would make you giggle if they weren’t so tragic. Some of them will make you squirm. Others will just leave you saying “What the?” These murders were committed in truly bizarre ways: there’s boobs and stilettos, and enough prosthetic leg you’ll be dead before you can say “Real Housewives.” Here are five extremely weird ways murders have been committed.

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1. Death by Boob

In 2013 Donna Lange killed her boyfriend with her boobs. After neighbors heard the pair fighting, police arrived at the scene to find Donna on top of her boyfriend, who was suffocated beneath her massive breasts. He’d obviously put up a fight, as he was found with clumps of Donna’s hair in his cold dead hands. Donna was charged with second-degree murder.

2. In the Name of Our Lord

Karen Walsh carried out murder in the most blasphemous way in 2011: with a crucifix. She used the sign of Christ to bludgeon her 81-year-old neighbor, Marie Rankin, to death after Marie chastised her for her drinking. Marie was found dead in her apartment, with imprints of the crucifix’s thorns on her face. The most bizarre part was that Karen sexually assaulted her post-mortem, apparently in a bid to throw police in their investigation.

3. Killer Shoes

Ana Lila Trujillo beat her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson, to death with her stilettos in 2013. His body was found with more than 10 holes in the head, some of them as deep as 1.5 inches. Ana was found at the scene covered in blood, and said she had acted in self defense.

4. Tiny But Deadly

At a drug rehabilitation center in Hertfordshire, England, in 2003, Richard Clare used a dessert spoon to kill Timothy Magee, who owed him money at the time. Richard hit Timothy in the back of the head with the spoon, rupturing an artery and causing fatal bleeding in Timothy’s brain. Richard was ultimately found innocent, as the court believed he was acting in self-defense, but seven years later Richard killed again, this time with an axe, and was sent to prison for 27 years.

5. Legging It

Debra Hewitt killed her boyfriend with her own prosthetic leg in 2011. Debra, who was homeless at the time, had already been acquitted for murder twice before, stomped on her boyfriend, Dwayne Ball. She then removed her leg and used it to beat him to death. Even more bizarre? She did the whole murder while balancing on one leg. She’s currently serving life in prison.


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