6 Cops Who Turned Into Cold-Blooded Murderers

One of these police officers even used his cop car to lure his murder victims, promising them a ride home.

By Gina Tron

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Police are sworn to protect and serve. But, these six officers didn’t exactly do just that. Some of them even became serial killers, all while sporting the badge.

1. Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson was a cop who has been implicated in the deaths of 2 of his 4 ex-wives. His second wife later admitted that she was extensively abused. He even threatened to kill her and make it look like an accident. Peterson’s third wife, accountant Kathleen Savio was found in a waterless bathtub in 2003. Her death was ruled as accidental. In 2007, his fourth wife Stacy Ann Peterson (nee Cales) went missing. His third wife’s body was exhumed and a medical examiner determined she was strangled before drowning. Peterson was convicted of killing her.

2. Christopher Dorner 

Christopher Dorner was let go from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008 after he filed a report that accused another officer of unnecessary force during an arrest. On February 1, 2013, he went on a revenge killing spree. He killed a couple in their vehicle, the daughter of LAPD Captain Randal Quan and his fiance.  In his 11-page manifesto, Dorner said he went after Quan’s daughter and her fiance because he didn’t think Quan defended him properly. Quan had acted as Dorner’s defense counsel in the hearings of Dorner’s allegations against his colleague. Over the next few days, killed Officer Michael Crain and injured his partner. Then, he killed  Deputy Jeremiah MacKay during a standoff on February 12. During that standoff, Dorner committed suicide by shooting himself in a cabin, before it was burnt down. Pyrotechnic tear gas canisters had been thrown into the cabin by law enforcement.

3. Norbert Poehlke

In 1984, German police officer Norbert Poehlke’s daughter died from cancer, leaving his family with hundreds of thousands in debt. He began robbing banks to pay the medical bills. But, that wasn’t all he was doing. Police began noticing a pattern in the bank robberies: the robber would always escape in a stolen vehicle and he would also shoot its driver. That cycle was repeated at least three times.  When Poehlke found out that the police suspected him, he shot and killed his wife and two sons before killing himself.

4. David Stephen Middleton

He left the Miami Police Department after he was convicted of false imprisonment and aggravated battery of a teen girl. He then began working as a cable installer. Around that time, he started his murdering career. In 1995 the body of Katherine Elizabeth Powell was found in a Nevada dumpster. He had made a service call to her home just days before her death. Middleton also used her credit card to buy stereo equipment. He was arrested and convicted for her murder and later was tied to another murder. A woman named Thelma Devila was found killed in the same way as Powell’s first victim. He was found guilty of two counts of murder in 1996. Later, Middleton was named a person of interest for the murder of a third victim.

5. Mikhail Popkov

Known as “The Werewolf,” Popkov was working as a cop in while also working at becoming Russia’s worst serial killer. He is currently life sentence for 22 murders murders. From 1994 to 2000, he lured his victims into his police car, offering them rides home. Instead of bringing them home safely, he sexually assaulted them before killing them, often with an ax or even a screwdriver. More recently, he told investigators that he killed as many as 82 women.

6. Stephanie Lazarus

This Los Angeles Police detective killed her ex-boyfriend's new wife in 1986. She then staged the crime to make it look like a burglary gone bad. She was only convicted of biting and shooting the woman, a hospital nursing supervisor, decades later. The crime remained a cold case until 2009, when DNA pointed to Lazarus. At the time of the murder, Lazarus was in her second year with the department. She then rose through the ranks, and became a detective, all while keeping the cold-blooded murder a secret.

[Photos courtesy of Getty Images. Image of Middleton courtesy of Nevada Death Row]

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