7 High-Profile Murderers Who Got Married Behind Bars

Watch Oxygen's two-part Snapped special on the Menendez Brothers Oct. 2 at 9/8c, and read our list below. 

Prison may not seem like the last place to find romance but many high-profile convicts do. Erik and Lyle Menendez, the brothers behind the infamous "shotgun murders" of their parents in 1994, both tied the knot while locked up, which the two-part Snapped special airing Oct. 2 at 9/8c covers. Here are seven high-profile murderers who found love (and marriage) behind bars.

Lyle Menendez + Playboy Models + A Magazine Editor

Lyle has been truly lucky in love in prison. He has been married twice while serving a life sentence. The first wedding was in 1997 to former model Anna Erikkson (above), who posed for Playboy.  She divorced him when it was found out he'd been "cheating"—i.e., exchanging steamy letters with another model who had also posed for Playboy. In 2003, Lyle married magazine editor-turned-attorney Rebecca SneedTabloid revelations have since circulated that Lyle may also be gay and living a "double life" in prison. Either way, conjugal visits are prohibited in prison so he certainly hasn't been allowed to be physically intimate with his beautiful wives and girlfriends.  

Erik & Tammi Menendez

Like his brother, Erik Menendez has found love in a hopeless place. His wife, Tammi Menendez, watched his first trial on television and began corresponding with him. They got hitched in 1999 in the prison waiting room. Their wedding cake was reportedly a Twinkie. Tammi maintains that she has a great relationship with her man despite admitting that her wedding night was very lonely. "I do get emotional support from Erik," she said. He's my best friend." Tammi moved from her home in Minnesota to Sacramento to be closer to Erik when he was serving his time at Folsom Prison. 

Ted Bundy & Carole Anne Boone

One of the most notorious serial killers is Ted Bundy. Despite confessing to at least 30 homicides, the murderer and rapist married divorced mother Carole Anne Boone in 1980. She tried to help him escape jail in 1977 and thanks to conjugal visits gave birth to their daughter in 1982. The two divorced a few years before Bundy was executed in 1989.

Richard Ramirez & Doreen Lioy


Known as "The Night Stalker," Richard Ramirez was sentenced with the death penalty in 1989 on charges including 13 murders and 11 sexual assaults. Seven years later, the high-profile murderer married magazine editor Doreen Lioy. They met by corresponding after his arrest—she reportedly wrote him 75 letters over the course of 11 years and visited him as often as four times a week. "He's kind, he's funny, he's charming," she told CNN in 1997. "I just believe in him completely." Doreen's family disowned her after the marriage and her whereabouts are now unknown. Richard died of natural causes on death row in 2013. 

Known as "Bolin the Butcher," the serial murderer was on Death Row when he married his former public defender, Rosalie Martinez, in 1996. She had left her husband for the "Butcher" and the two made it official in a telephone ceremony. "I never, never, ever thought for a second that he was guilty of those three murders," Rosalie told ABC's 20/20, although she accepted that he'd pleaded guilty to a gunpoint rape. The two remained married until Oscar was executed earlier this year. 

Susan Atkins of Charlson Manson Fame

 Jailhouse romance isn't just for men. Susan Atkins was a member of the Charles Manson's notorious Family and helped him commit eight murders. She married twice while in prison: In 1981 to Donald Lee Laisure  and to  James Whitehouse in 1987.  

Bobby Lee Harris & Dagmar Polzin

Not even an ocean could stop this love. Bobby Lee Harris was convicted for killing his boss in 1991. German waitress Dagmar Polzin caught wind of the case and was so smitten, that she moved to America just to be with him. 




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