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Snapped - The Podcast features bonus material from Executive Producer and Narrator Sharon Martin.

You can now have Snapped in your ears any time you want with Snapped - The Podcast, available now. Narrator and Producer Sharon Martin digs deeper into the stories of the women accused of murder, exploring aspects of the cases profiled on the Snapped television series. New episodes of the Snapped - The Podcast will be available every other Sunday at 9/8c, starting Aug. 21. 

"Every week we tell you the stories of women who make poor choices, commit a brutal crime, and end a life,” says Sharon in the trailer for the podcast (listen below). “Some of the most interesting cases are the ones where we hear the woman tell that story herself.” The first episode of the podcast is a case in point. It's about Carol Kopenkoskey, who describes the murder of her husband to police. It's chilling, and not to be missed. 

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