Sharon Martin: Jodi Arias Leaving Memory Card is Baffling

By Sharon Martin

'Snapped' Producer and Narrator Sharon Martin blogs daily leading up to the two-part special event on Jodi Arias Sunday, Dec. 15 at 9/8c and Monday, Dec. 16 at 10/9c.

There's a key piece of evidence in the Jodi Arias case that puzzles me: the digital camera card. It was found in Travis'  camera, inside the washing machine. It appears that Jodi, who was an aspiring photographer, tried to wash the camera to hide any images of herself. Presumably, Jodi knew that digital cameras have memory cards inside. Even her defense team argues that she has some knowledge of digital photography. Why did she leave the memory card behind?
Police never found the murder weapon or the clothes she was wearing that day.  If she was planning out this murder, why leave behind something so incriminating?  But it's a small mystery in the bigger scheme of things. There was no real effort to clean up the crime scene, aside from stripping the bed and disposing of the camera. We've seen some women on Snapped try very hard to remove their fingerprints and DNA from the crime scene, but Jodi didn't wipe up all the blood at the scene.
However, she did stop to delete the images from the camera and throw it into the washing machine. And based on the pictures on the camera, that was after the murder. So she didn't panic and flee. Maybe she always intended to tell the intruder story. Maybe that's why she took the murder weapon with her when she left and didn't worry about the blood evidence.  
But still, why leave the memory card?  More than 200 episodes of Snapped have taught me one thing: you can't predict anyone's behavior. These crimes rarely involve logic and often they don't make sense. And sometimes it's evidence like the digital memory card that ensures that criminals don't get away with murder. 
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