Sharon Martin: Why is Jodi Arias Smiling in her Mug Shot?

By Sharon Martin

Snapped Producer/Narrator Sharon Martin blogs daily leading up to a two-part special event on Jodi Arias Sunday, Dec. 15 at 9/8c and Monday, Dec. 16 at 10/9c.

You've probably seen it, Jodi Arias, smiling in her mug shots. It struck me as unusual. Over the last 11 seasons, I've seen a lot of mug shots. Mostly, the women we cover on Snapped are not smiling in their mug shots. They look like they have been crying. They look angry. They look scared. They look defeated. Sometimes they even look defiant. But they are rarely smiling. So why is Jodi?
According to our interviews, she asked if she could put her makeup on before they arrested her. When she realized she wouldn't have a chance to put on makeup, Jodi did her best to primp in the interrogation room. At one point, she even sits on the floor handcuffed and flips her hair. Why was she so worried about her appearance? Is that just who Jodi is? Is it because she was an aspiring photographer and wanted to look nice in a photo? Vanity would be the simplest explanation. She's a woman who prides herself on her looks and her ability to seduce men. So, maybe it’s not strange that she wanted to look nice and smiled for a camera.  
Or did she realize even then how often that mug shot would be on the news?  Did she want her public image to be of a smiling, pretty woman instead of a scared or crying face? It could be a conscious public relations move on Jodi's part.  If that's the case, maybe she didn't consider the other side of that decision.   A smiling mug shot sticks with people.  And to some, that smile says she's not taking the situation seriously.  She was under arrest, accused of killing her boyfriend in a very brutal way.  
Remember, when they snapped this mug shot, Jodi was still saying she wasn't in Mesa.  She was claiming she had nothing to hide, had done nothing wrong.  Most people would react with shock or horror, especially if they were innocent.  And still, she smiled for the camera. 
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