Bad Medicine

By Sharon Martin

Sharon Martin, Supervising Producer and Narrator of Snapped, gets us geared up for Sunday's "Bad Medicine" Marathon starting at 10am EST and concluding with a SO new episode at 9/8c!

Sharon Martin

Over the past 13 seasons of Snapped, we’ve noticed an odd pattern. Of all the women we’ve profiled, 34 have had some connection to medicine. Of those, most are nurses, at least one was a doctor, and the rest work as medical aides, physical therapists or home health care workers. There are even a few biochemists among them. Why so many medical professionals? Is it because nursing has long been a female-heavy profession? Or are we drawn to stories about these women, who are trained to take care of people, who commit heinous crimes? Is there a different comfort level with death for women who work in hospital settings? Or does their job entail a higher level of stress?

The answer is different for each woman and certainly not a reflection on the profession as a whole. After all, some of the kindest, most compassionate people you’ll ever meet are nurses. And surprisingly, only about a dozen of these women used drugs to kill their victims. Most resorted to guns, knives or hitmen just like the women of Snapped with no medical training. Oh, and in case you were wondering — the other most common occupation for the women profiled on Snapped: wives who don’t work outside the home.

Tune in to the Snapped "Bad Medicine" Marathon Sunday from 10am-10pm!

Sneak peek Sunday's SO new episode (at 9/8c) here:

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