Looking Back at 250 Episodes of Snapped

By Sharon Martin

Sharon Martin, Supervising Producer and Narrator of Snapped, gets us geared up for the 250th episode of airing this Sunday at 9/8c. Plus chat live with Sharon during Sunday's episode here!

For the last ten years, I’ve spent nearly every workday reading, watching or voicing an episode of Snapped.  And somehow, I still find myself surprised by these cases.  I’ve learned that people are capable of immense cruelty. The crimes these women have committed, often against someone they love, are atrocious and terrifying. I often ask myself, as so many viewers do, “How could she do that?” After all this time, I still find myself surprised and horrified by the crimes. There also seems to be no real pattern to the type of woman who will commit a murder, either. They cross all social, age and economic boundaries. And still, each case manages to be something a little different, a woman that you wouldn’t have expected to commit murder or to be living a secret life.

Sharon MartinThough after 250 episodes, I’m still surprised at how easily many of these cases are solved. Sometimes, simple human guilt leads to a confession that solves a murder, or the accomplices involved in the crime start talking or the murderers leave clues that lead police right to them. And of course, there are the women who think they are talking to a “hitman” who is actually a law enforcement officer. As the detectives tell us so often, criminals are never as smart as they think they are.  And even some who thought they got away with it, end up on trial decades later.  People may be cruel, but maybe they aren’t really equipped to commit a murder and live with it.  

And even as the cases and convictions wrap up, I’m surprised at how much variety there is in the prison sentences. We often talk about the “justice system” as a single entity, but each and every state is different. The sentences for murder charges vary from state to state. A case in Texas involving an attempt to hire a hitman might involve a longer sentence than a murder in Ohio. So after 250 episodes and 10 years, Snapped still manages to surprise me, and I hope our viewers. 

Celebrate Snapped's 250th episode!

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