Meet Guest Judge Jules Muck

From subway tunnels to museums, Jules Muck crosses all lines and cultural barriers. Raised by a family of accountants, she was a lone creative. A first generation immigrant from the UK, she started painting abroad in Greece and in England. The Bronx graffiti scene in the 90s engulfed Muck's entire life. She never thought of a career in art until she was swooped off a roof top by Lady Pink, who taught her the business and gave Muck the direction and confidence to make it happen. Interviews, books, public speaking, grants all soon followed, but Muck took many nasty falls. She crawled out of the gutter step by step, established great success, only to fall back into financial and mental breakdown. These days, Muck works hard to maintain her peace of mind as well as cultural acclaim. She creates her images for some of the most established businesses and corporations, as well as painting public art and abandoned structures off the beaten path.

o   Age, Hometown: Born in Stoke-on-Trent UK, raised in New York.

o   How old were you when you got involved in street art? 13-14.

o   Who inspires you (artist or non-artist)? Free thinkers, the homeless and the downtrodden.

o   What advice would you give to up and coming artists? Get ready for pain.

o   What is something the street art world would be surprised to know about you? I'm vegan, I don't smoke, don't drink caffeine, and am entirely drug, medication and booze free. 

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