Susie's Summer Essentials: Everything TOMS

I love the company TOMS and what they stand for! Their company motto?... “One for One: for every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need." This. Is. AWESOME! Especially when you love to shop, and help people. I mean, is there a better way to go shopping? I don’t think so.

I purchased my first pair of TOMS shoes a few years ago (the classic canvas slip-on in red) and they quickly became my favorite casual shoe in my closet.  Back then, they only had the canvas and linen slip-ons available, but now the company has expanded to super stylish booties, wedges, baby shoes, sandals, boots, lace up shoes, vegan shoes, and even sunglasses and coffee! 

Here’s how their “One for One” works:

·       Purchase a bag of coffee = a week of clean water to a person in need

·       Purchase a pair of sunglasses = free professional eye care to those in need

·       Purchase a pair of shoes = shoes for a child in need

So, check out the TOMS website so you can see all the cute colors and prints they carry! You’ll literally find something for every member of your family. They even have a wedding line with fancy glitter shoes that are SUPER cute! You can also try on the shoes at your local Whole Foods store (Yup! They carry TOMS there!), figure out your size and if they don’t have the color/style you want, you can order it online.

I promise you’ll love how comfy these are and it’s guilt-free shopping because TOMS products are summer essentials with a cause! Happy shopping friends!

Here are some more TOMS products I love!






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