Susie Says: My Mom is as Stubborn as Costas!

Wow! With so many life-changing decisions being made, this episode was emotional to say the least!

As someone who’s in her mid-thirties with parents and in-laws who are also Costas’ and Litsa’s age, I can totally relate to Maria’s fear of losing her dad too early. Just the thought of losing my mom crushes me but it’s something we all have to live with. In fact, a few years ago my mom had a small heart attack that completely rocked my world. I didn’t hear “small”. All I heard was “heart attack” so I dropped everything and got on the first plane to Boston to be with her and help her make lifestyle choices that would be best for her. For a week following her heart attack I became her nurse. I bought her a juicer so she could make my nutritionist’s “Green Lemonade” to get all her vitamins, enzymes and nutrients first thing in the morning, I made her healthy and yummy meals like my Scarlet Millet dish, etc. Just like Maria and Keven, I wanted to keep my mom alive and well for years to come.


Costas and my mom have one thing in common: they’re both stubborn! It took staring death in the face to finally get them to listen and take charge of their health. There’s only so much, as their kids, we could do for our parents. They really have to want to better themselves because we can’t make them do something they don’t want to do. They just have to be ready for it! It’s weird to picture life without our loved ones but it’s something we all have to face at some point in our lives, as sad as that is.

Something not-so-sad was seeing how madly in love Maria’s parents still are today. However, it did break my heart to see Litsa break down when she talked about always being there for Costas, and he being here for her. My husband always says he wants to live one day less than me so that he doesn’t ever have to live without me. I always say, “and what about ME?!” I tell him he’s selfish! We joke about it, but the truth is we truly just have to enjoy each other and the short time that we have on this planet. The old adage is true…life is too short.


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