Tanisha Gets Married 106 Recap: Atlantic City Showdown

Hello world! It’s been an epic few weeks in the lives of Tanisha and Clive, hasn’t it been? Twitter wars, fried chicken sushi, and lots of frenetic last minute wedding planning! Oh and let’s not forget accusations of cheating! How do they have time for it all with their big day just mere weeks away??

We start this week’s episode with Clive accusing Tanisha of bumping and grinding (in the carnal way) with her best friend Sean. He’s so upset about it that he leaves a voicemail for Sean saying that he can have Tanisha if he wants her. Oh no he didn’t! A furious Tanisha kicks Clive out of the house for the 489th time.

After he leaves, all the bridesmaids (minus Natalie) come over to drink champagne out of plastic Solo cups and plan some last minute deets for a wedding that may not happen. They end up gossiping about the Clive/Sean sitch. Surprisingly, Arkeen sympathizes with Clive. She’s not usually on Team Clive but this time she thinks Tanisha is in the wrong for spending so much time with another man. Tanisha semi agrees and realizes that she may have been wrong getting so angry with him. By the time Clive returns to the apartment, they are happy and in love again.

The next day Tanisha goes with her friend Bella to pick out flower arrangements. Everything goes smoothly and Tanisha gets the most blinged-out centerpiece she can find! When she arrives home, she continues the conversation with Clive regarding Sean. She wants them to meet and talk it out. Clive agrees.

Tanisha and Clive then go out to eat, where Clive meets Markus for the first time. Remember Markus? He’s Tanisha’s friend from LA who is going to be her spy at the bachelor party. Anyway, Markus is super cute and fabulous. And gay! Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it just means that I guess I can’t ask him out. Booooo! Anyway…Tanisha convinces Clive to invite Markus to the bachelor party, though Clive can’t really understand why because he probably won’t like the strippers as much.

With the bachelor/ette party just one day away, Tanisha calls Flo, who sadly can’t make the trip to Atlantic City because her daughter is sick. Tanisha is secretly relieved because Natalie will also be skipping the festivities, so this means no drama. Well, in theory.

At this point, Clive meets up with Sean without Tanisha. They instantly bury the hatchet, but Clive decides to mess with Tanisha. He calls her and says they got into a fight. She’s furious, but then he’s all, “April Fools!”

Before we know it, it’s the weekend and it’s time for the joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Atlantic City! All the bridesmaids and groomsmen meet at Tanisha’s house where they hop in a party bus to make the trip to AC. Everyone’s having a blast because there is booze and a stripper pole! Tanisha sets a ground rule for the bus: no number twos! She doesn’t want to smell anything nasty. Let’s hope no one throws up any Hennessy then!

As soon as they reach Atlantic City, the men and women split up. Tanisha’s crew heads to their decked out suite where Amber and Natalie are waiting for them. Yup, you read that right. Natalie decided to grace us with her presence. Well, at least Flo isn’t here!

Meanwhile, the boys go to their room and start drinking immediately. Markus and Darnell get drunk, strip down to their underwear, and party in the room while the others head out. I guess Markus is not a very good spy. He better not plan on applying to the CIA!

Back in the girls’ suite, Amber has arranged a party complete with sex toy demos. I expect nothing less from these classy broads. Tanisha then calls Flo to see how her daughter is doing. It turns out she is 100% better so Flo and her husband Patriot are going to make the trek to AC after all! Uh oh!

Flo and Patriot arrive. Pat joins the guys, and Flo meets the ladies for dinner. Everyone is quiet. Flo senses the tension but chooses to ignore it. She insists that she’s just here for a good time. When Amber gets up to go to the bathroom, Natalie moves her seat to sit further away from Flo.

Flo announces again that she’s just here to have good time and that she’ll handle her own sh*t on her own time, thank you very much. Natalie seizes that moment to start some sh*t of her own. “You’re going to handle what on your own time?” she asks Flo. Instead of ignoring Natalie’s taunts, Flo takes the bait and before you know it Natalie throws a drink at Flo and all hell breaks loose! But before we can see where this goes, the episode is over.

Uh oh—I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see how this fight ends!

Yours in crime—

Liz Out Loud

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