Tanisha Gets Married Recap 103: So much drama!

I can’t help wondering if they should change it to Will Tanisha Get Married Now That She Found Her Fiancé Clive on a Dating Website?

Hello kids! This week Tanisha is back and even though I know the show is called Tanisha Gets Married, I can’t help wondering if they should change it to Will Tanisha Get Married Now That She Found Her Fiancé Clive on a Dating Website?

The answer, of course, is no. Because, you see, Tanisha is a smart lady so before she makes any rash decisions she decides to go to an attorney named Raoul Felder, one of the best in the biz, to talk about getting a prenup. Raoul is no joke—he’s worked with former mayor Rudy Giuliani, Mike Tyson’s ex-wife Robin Givens, and the former Mrs. Martin Scorcese. Now, as much as I love Tanisha, I wouldn’t say she is quite in the same league as these people, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, and we always want her to have enough money for snacks.

After consulting with Mr. Felder, Tanisha returns home to talk to Clive. He admits that he was on a dating site while they were broken up over the summer, but he never slept with anyone so it’s all good. Phew, now I can sleep better. Tanisha then brings up the prenup. Clive is angry . . . well, as angry as Clive can get, which means a reply of: “A prenup? Really?” He says he’s been with her since she was broke so clearly he ain’t in it for the money. The snacks, however, yes, as revealed when he grabs a can of whipped cream and squeezes it into his mouth. He then offers Tanisha some and then tells her he’ll consider signing the prenup, he just needs to think about it.

Since the wedding is oh, just four weeks away, it’s time for Tanisha to go shopping for a dress—AGAIN—with Darnell and Arkeen. Darnell drinks a whole bottle of champagne while T tries on dress after dress. She finally finds one in a size too small, but she takes a gamble and orders it to be custom made for her in time for her wedding, which, as I have just mentioned, is just four weeks away. Yeah, that’s a good idea Tanisha.

Upon returning to her mama’s basement, Tanisha and Clive start working on the guest list. Clive’s only inviting guy friends because Tanisha apparently scared all his female friends away . . . and also his family. She desperately urges Clive to reach out to them because it is important for them to be there for their big day.

It’s now time for Tanisha to recruit another bridesmaid, so she meets Season 4 Bad Girl Natalie at a bar. They start rehashing their past beef, something along the lines of Tanisha befriending Season 6 Bad Girl Char which was just not cool to Natalie and I’m all aren’t they all grown women? They quickly warm up to each other, however, and Natalie accepts the offer when Tanisha asks her to be a bridesmaid even though she doesn’t want to be around Flo, who is also going to be a bridesmaid.

Now that she has her bridesmaid sitch under control—sort of— it’s time to reach out to Clive’s family . . . again. Tanisha asks Clive if she should send them some of her favorite snacks like cake, cupcakes, or ribs (yes, really). He replies that it’s probably not the best idea, so they call his mom Miss Bev instead. “What up lady?” Clive greets his mother before handing the phone to Tanisha. Tanisha tears up as she asks for Miss Bev’s blessing. And guess what? She gets it!!! Miss Bev says that she loves Tanisha for being Tanisha, so now everyone’s happy. Yahooooo!

Now it’s time for the bridal shower at her mom’s apartment, which in Tanisha’s words looks like it has decorated as though Crayola and Jamaica threw up colors. Yup, even blinged out Tanisha thinks it’s tacky! A slew of friends old and new show up, including Flo and Season 3 Bad Girl Amber (Cookie Amber, not the always-straightening-her-hair-with-an-iron-Amber). A little pipsqueak of a girl named Diana mentions that she doesn’t like Natalie, who has not yet arrived. Amber, being a bit of a sh*t stirrer, texts Nat in advance to warn her there might be drama.

Natalie finally shows up, but refuses to get out of her car. Amber plays peacemaker and tries to get her to come in. She won’t budge, so Amber gets Tanisha to come out. Only then will Natalie enter the premises. So much drama!

The shower continues with a bit of tension between Flo and Natalie while everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves. And then Flo decides she has to make an announcement . . . that Natalie should never have talked about how Flo went to clubs while she was pregnant, which Flo denies ever happened. They get in a screaming match and Tanisha’s MOM even threatens to come in and break it up. Tanisha yells at them to stop, saying they’re all grown women, but they continue to fight.

So let’s see if the drama will stop by next week! The girls have to go shopping for bridesmaids dresses after all!

Till then—

Liz Out Loud


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