Tanisha on TGM 106: I was looking forward to an amazing night.

By Tanisha TGM

I was pissed when Arkeen sided with Clive and told me I was spending too much time with Sean! I honestly felt like, “Really, I'm not allowed to have friends now?” It was crazy to me that all of a sudden everyone had an issue with him.

I was very proud of Clive for agreeing to talk to Sean! I knew that they needed to hash out their differences and I was proud of Clive for putting everything aside. I was so pissed and hurt when Clive told me that he and Sean had gotten into a fight at the restaurant… I couldn't believe when Clive told me it was just a prank. Damn, Karma is a b*tch.

I was very shocked when I found out Natalie was coming to the bachelorette party. And then Flo showed up! Honestly, I was so looking forward to an amazing night until they both said they were coming. I really did expect things to go ham after that. I was hoping for the best but as the night progressed I knew better... I hoped Natalie would help with planning the party but, please, Natalie didn't do anything! Amber did all the planning and everything, but as usual Natalie wanted to take the credit. Amber did an amazing job planning everything. She's a great friend.

When Natalie and Flo starting fighting, I was mad beyond mad. I've never been so mad. I couldn't believe that my night was starting to crumble because two grown adults couldn't keep it together (smh). I was pissed, especially when Natalie threw that glass. I was thinking, “Flo is right there and you still can't aim straight?! WTF is up with that!” And it was far from over.

The tables definitely turn next week and I eventually explode! 


XoXo Tanisha :D

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